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Techworks Dual Footswitch (External Switch, Tap Tempo etc)

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NOTE: Footswitches made for BOSS pedals cannot be used with most other pedals. Specify what you're using the footswitch for in the notes section!

The Story

This started out as a mini project.

As a gigging musician, a client relied heavily on his BOSS RC-1 looper as well as the external BOSS FS-5U footswitch. The problem here was that he ran a Pedaltrain Nano+ pedalboard, and the FS-5U footswitch took up almost half of the pedalboard space!

Thus Jacob began working on a palm-sized footswitch that served the exact same purpose as the FS-5U footswitch. He gathered sample parts from several company and finally settled on one that he deemed satisfactory. The entire process was documented on his Instagram page and he was soon flooded with DMs. Little did we know that there were plenty of musicians out there facing the same real estate issues!


Instead of 1, Jacob managed to squeeze 2 switches into this tiny enclosure. This helps to save space and reduces the need to purchase additional patch cables.

There are a few ways you can use this product:

1) If you connect a stereo-stereo (TRS-TRS) cable from the Echoinox footswitch to your pedal, each switch will control a different function of the same pedal. Of course, your pedal must be designed that way to begin with, otherwise, only one switch will work. 

For example: Connecting a stereo-stereo (TRS-TRS) cable from this footswitch to the BOSS RC-3 looper will give you the "memory bank up/down" function (left switch) and a 'global stop' function (right switch)

2) If you connect a normal mono patch cable (TS-TS) from the Echoinox footswitch to your pedal, only one switch (right switch) will work. The left switch will not do anything nor will it cause any harm 

For example: Connecting a mono-mono (TS-TS) cable from this footswitch to the BOSS RC-3 looper will give you the 'global stop' function (right switch) only. The left switch is as good as non-existent

3) If you connect a Y-cable (TRS - TS | TS ) from the Echoinox footswitch to 2 different pedals, one switch will control the external function of one of the two pedals, while the other switch controls the external function of the other pedal.

For example: Connecting a Y-cable (TRS-TS | TS) from this footswitch to a Source Audio True Spring Reverb and a Drybell Vibe Machine V-2 will give you the 'tap tempo' function for True Spring on one switch and a 'tap tempo' function for Vibe Machine on the other switch.

Compatible Products

This footswitch will work for any pedal that allows for an external footswitch or remote switch add on.

The list is not exhaustive, but most of our clients get the Echoinox Dual Footswitch to use with:

- All BOSS loopers (RC-3, RC-30 etc)
- All BOSS pedals (DD-8, DD-7 etc)
- BOSS Katana Amps (the mode will change for as long as the switches are held down)
- LINE 6 HX Stomp (you get to configure what the switches do)
- Chase Bliss Audio pedals (where applicable)
- Morningstar MIDI switcher MC6/MC8
- Source Audio True Spring Reverb, Collider, Nemesis Delay