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Techworks Dual Footswitch (External Switch, Tap Tempo etc)

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$38.00 - $43.00
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Please check with us on the lead time. As these footswitches are hand built upon order, it may take a bit longer to ship. We hope to seek your understanding about this!

Looking for an external footswitch to control your pedal's tap tempo or modes? Look no further. The Techworks Dual footswitch offers 2 aux switches in 1 enclosure, allowing you to control 2 functions or 2 pedals at once.

Each Techworks dual footswitch is meticulously handwired with high quality parts. As such, we offer full customizability to our clients. You can have one side using a latching switch and another side using a momentary switch depending on your needs. 

Only need 1 aux switch? Check out Techworks Single Footswitch.


There are 3 questions to answer to find your perfect aux switch:

1) Color
At the moment we only have Steel and Black color switches available. We are exploring other color options.

2) Switch Type
Latching footswitches are typically used to change channels or toggle between modes of a pedal. If you're looking for a JHS Red Remote replacement, this is the option to pick.

Momentary footswitches are commonly used for tap tempo or switching banks. They can also toggle a pedal's mode for as long as the switch is held down.

Some examples:
Latching footswitch is used for: JHS Morning Glory, JHS The Kilt v2, JHS Superbolt
Momentary footswitch is used for : Source Audio Collider, Keeley Halo, BOSS RC-3, Line 6 Helix

3) Is it a BOSS pedal?
Boss Pedals only work with Normally Closed (N/C) external footswitches while almost every other pedal work with Normally Open (N/O) external footswitches. You cannot mix the footswitches around.


Instead of 1, we managed to squeeze 2 switches into this tiny enclosure. This helps to save space on the board and reduce the need to purchase additional patch cables.

There are a few ways you can use this product:

1) If you connect a stereo-stereo (TRS-TRS) cable from the Techworks Dual Footswitch to your pedal, both switches will control different functions of the pedal. 

For example: Connecting a stereo-stereo (TRS-TRS) cable from the footswitch to the BOSS RC-3 looper will assign the left switch "memory bank up/down" function and the right switch the 'global stop' function. 


2) If you connect a Y-cable (TRS - TS | TS ) from the Techworks Dual Footswitch to 2 different pedals, each switch will be assigned to control a different pedal.

For example: Connecting a Y-cable (TRS-TS | TS) from the footswitch to a BOSS DD-8 and a JHS Morning Glory will assign the 'tap tempo' function for DD-8 on one switch and the 'mode toggle' function for Morning Glory on the other switch.

Compatible Products

This footswitch will work for any pedal that allows for an external footswitch or remote switch add on.

The list is not exhaustive, but most of our clients get the Techworks Dual Footswitch to use with:

- All BOSS loopers (RC-3, RC-30 etc)
- All BOSS pedals (DD-8, DD-7 etc)
- BOSS Katana Amps (the mode will change for as long as the switches are held down)
- LINE 6 HX Stomp (you get to configure what the switches do)
- Chase Bliss Audio pedals (where applicable)
- Morningstar MIDI switcher MC6/MC8
- JHS Pedals (Morning Glory, Superbolt, Kilt v2 etc)

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