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About Josh and JHS Pedals….

JHS Pedals is the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality effects pedals that stand out in an over-saturated market. Started in early 2007 by way of a DIY repair to a Boss Blues Driver, JHS Pedals has evolved into an effects pedal company recognized world-wide. Josh’s years of touring and session work along with eventual electronics tinkering bring the experience and knowledge of what musicians need and want in their rigs, and that is one of the core values that JHS was built upon.

At our current size, it takes between 20-25 employees to provide an excellent quality of production, administration, and customer service. We proudly pay “living wages” or better to every employee here at JHS Pedals all while maintaining 100% of JHS Pedals production in the USA. Every single JHS Pedal, JHS Mod, and JHS hand painted pedal is assembled, tested, and shipped from our facility here in south Kansas City USA. All JHS Pedals PCBs always have been and continue to be populated exclusively in the USA in one of three locations… Kansas City, southern California, and Michigan. Our enclosures are drilled and powder coated by Mammoth Electronics in Oklahoma and we print all our graphics onto our enclosures in-house at our Kansas City facility.

With a complete electric guitar, bass guitar, utility, and Mod Shop, JHS Pedals offers one of the broadest lines of effects on the market today. We value and commit to designing, populating, and assembling pedals that sound excellent, are easy to use, and work correctly.