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About Us: The Echoinox Story


Founded in 2017, Echoinox (pronounced equinox (eh·kwuh·noks)) has grown aggressively from a "preorders only" side hustle to one of Singapore's leading guitar shop.

With over 30 international brands in our catalog paired with our unparalleled customer service, Echoinox has served musicians all over world, from bedroom musicians to professional musicians and artistes such as Valiantes, thecolorfractal, M1ldl1fe, Kenn C and others. Some critically acclaimed brands we represent include Two Notes Audio Engineering, Revv Amplifications, JHS Pedals, Ceriatone and many more.

In 2020, we established a new brand, Solace Cables, that specialises in building reliable hand-wired instrument cables which musicians can rely on. To date, we've sold over 1000 cables. As every cable was hand-wired, production could not meet the market's demand in the initial stages until we streamlined the process later.

In the same year, we opened our first showroom and have since moved to a 1000sqft one at 21 Woodlands Close Primz Bizhub, #06-16, Singapore 737854. Here, we have 1 of every effect pedal in our catalog on display alongside a Supro Keeley Custom 10 Combo Amplifier. As we offer a personalised services to every client, please to drop us a text on Instagram or email us to arrange for an appointment before coming.

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At heart, we are music enthusiasts. We absolutely enjoy discovering new music gear in the market and exploring new guitar tones. Be it Blues, Jazz, Rock or any genre, our team knows how to help you achieve that tone you seek and make your music sound that much better. 

We are dedicated to giving you the best shopping experience so you can start making music straight from your bedroom. We offer unprecedented attractive prices, free shipping in Singapore & Malaysia and discounted shipping rates across Asia.

To add the cherry on top, all items purchased from us are automatically protected with our WARRANTY policy, along with the manufacturer's warranty coverage.


At Echoinox, we waive off most fees and expenses to offer you pedals, amplifiers and accessories at an astonishingly affordable price. Most of our guitar effect pedals are sold at manufacturer's M.A.P. In other words, our products are sold at the lowest possible prices you can find anywhere in Singapore.


All products from the brands that we represent come directly from the manufacturers themselves or their official distributor in Singapore. "Echoinox" can be found listed under "Dealers" or "Distributors" on all of our brand's websites. We keep a healthy inventory line so that customers always receive their gear fresh from the factory. Also, as authorised dealer/distributor, we are able to back you up and assist with FULL WARRANTY claims in the case of any unfortunate event.


All orders are picked up by the courier on the next working day. Based in Singapore, our shipments within Asia and most other countries take no more than 7 working days to reach you. We also work closely with our partners to offer discounted international shipping rates.

For locals, we offer free mailing for all orders over 100SGD. It typically takes 2 working days for your order to arrive in your mailbox. Should you require a product urgently, simply opt for same-day delivery on checkout and we'll arrange for a Lalamove or Grabdelivery with you via SMS.

For our friends in Malaysia, we offer free Singpost shipping for all orders over 100SGD. It typically takes ~5 working days to arrive at your address. Alternatively, you can upgrade to DHL Express 1-day shipping to your doorstep for ~$15.99SGD (rates fluctuate depending on weight of your order). 


Our customer loyalty services "Echo Tokens" will help your purchases pay for themselves.


We love what we do and we take pride in our stellar services. Shoot us an email at or Whatsapp us at +65 8332 5009 for any queries. Or simply leave a message at the live chat widget at the bottom right of the screen and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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