Warranty Policies


1. Echoinox provides 1-1 exchange warranty for 6 months on all orders from the date of purchase, subject to the item's availability. This duration will overlap with the brand's warranty span.

2. Beyond 6 months, all warranty coverage will be provided by the respective brands only. 

3. This warranty is is not transferable in any way, and only to the original owner.

4. Any modifications or tampering will immediately void this warranty coverage


The following list contains warranty information of all the brands we carry.

Bananana Effects: 1 year warranty
3 years parts & labor warranty
Dawner Prince: 2 years warranty
DryBell: 2 years warranty
Emerson Custom: 1 year warranty
Gamechanger Audio: 1 year warranty
Greer Amps
: Lifetime Warranty
Jackson Audio: Lifetime Transferrable warranty
Pigtronix: 1 year limited warranty on parts and workmanship.
Revv Amps
: 1 year warranty
Source Audio: 2 years limited warranty
Supro: 1 year, register online to extend to 2 years here
Two Notes Engineering: 3 years limited warranty
Vertex Effects
: 1 year limited warranty

Nobels: 1 year warranty

Note: This is accurate as of 16 September 2020 and may be subjected to change by the brands without prior notice. For the latest information on warranty coverage, please refer to their respective website.


1. Echoinox does not provide warranty for Boveda Dehumidification Packs, Ernie Ball Strings, Elixir Strings and Gruv Gear Fretwrap.

2. However, we provide a strict 1-day grace period from the date of purchase for clients to check for discrepancies. Do let us know within 24-hours should there be any faulty items in your order.


1. We are confident that our products will not fail, but wear and tear over time may cause degradation of the cables. Thus for as long as Echoinox is still operating as a business, we will replace or repair any patch cable or Solace cable that has malfunctioned.

2. Warranty for ECHOINOX CABLES are non transferrable and only valid for the original owner.

3. To service your cables, simply send the item back to us and drop us an email with your proof of purchase (usually an invoice) along with a description about your cable situation.We will then reach out to you accordingly.

4. Shipping for both ways are to be borne by the client, thus it is that recommended you head down to Jacob's workshop instead.

5. In the event that the cables are suspected of tampering or handled with negligence (for example throwing it into the fire), warranty will be void and there will no longer be any support provided for that unit.

6. Echoinox reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.


We always respect our client’s decisions. In the event that a refund is requested by the client,

1) Orders paid via Paypal will receive a refund of 95% of the total bill. PayPal charges a transaction fee on us for any payment made through then, but does not reverse these fees even when an order is cancelled and refunds are processed.

2) Orders made via credit/debit cards will receive full refunds as per normal. 

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