The company Orosys and its brand Two notes Audio Engineering were created in 2008 by Guillaume Pille, doctor of electronics and passionate musician, with the desire to bring to the computer-assisted music market a range of innovative and unique music equipment in its kind allowing silent pickup of guitar and bass amplifiers with professional quality. This is the living room 2006 of the Audio Engineering Society. Guillaume Pille present the first draft, in software, this new technology Loadbox with simulator speaker, based on its research on digital convolution and audio signal processing, which offers the possibility of making sound recording in silence, whatever the acoustics of the room, without losing dynamics and sound definition.

The following year, at the SIEL show in Paris , Two Notes, which was then called Ellipse Audio, submitted to critics the prototype of the hardware version of its guitar and bass speaker simulator. Winner of the regional competition to help the creation of innovative technology companie, Guillaume Pille is awarded the, by the prefect Cyrille Schott, a diploma and an endowment for his research .