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Techworks Single Footswitch (External footswitch, Aux Switch)

Original price $30.00 - Original price $33.00
Original price
$30.00 - $33.00
Current price $30.00

Hand-built by in Singapore, each footswitch is custom tailored to fit your exact needs.

Need more than 1 switch? Consider getting the Techworks Dual Footswitch to save space and patch cables instead!

There are 3 questions to answer to find your perfect aux switch:

1) Color
At the moment we only have Steel, Black and Red color switches available. We are exploring other color options.

2) Switch Type
Latching footswitches are typically used to change channels or toggle between modes of a pedal. If you're looking for a JHS Red Remote replacement, look no further, this is the one.

Momentary footswitches are commonly used for tap tempo or switching banks. They are soft and do not 'click' when stomped.

Some examples:
Latching footswitch is used for: JHS Morning Glory, JHS The Kilt v2, JHS Superbolt
Momentary footswitch is used for : Source Audio Collider, Keeley Halo, BOSS RC-3, Line 6 Helix

3) Is it a BOSS pedal?
Boss Pedals only work with Normally Closed (N/C) external footswitches while almost every other pedal works with Normally Open (N/O) external footswitches. Put in your answer and we'll build the footswitch accordingly to what your pedal would need.

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