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Solace Cables Patch Cable Stereo TRS-TRS

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$33.00 - $70.00
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Much like the Y-cables, Solace Cables Patch Cable Stereo are handmade via the old-fashioned way of stripping two MONO cables and heat shrinking them together to form one strong STEREO wire. It takes about 20 minutes to make 1 such cable of pure tone.

We use a custom made tubing that is specifically made to our specs. These outer tubes will never break or tear unless you want them to. It is the same material as the Y cables but different specs.

Solace Cables Patch Cable Stereo cables only comes in Right Angle - Right Angle orientation as per SP550-SP550.


Every board is unique and requires specific lengths of straight or right angled plug patch cables. The webshop can only accommodate so many variations, so if you need lengths not listed here, feel free to reach out!. All cables are made-to-order to the specifications that you need. Do give us 1-2 working days to get your order up!

To place an order, simply input the lengths that you require (highly advisable to add an inch more to every cable). 

Orders below $100 will be charged $5 for shipping due to credit card transaction fees. Orders over $100 enjoy free shipping islandwide!

Feel free to hit us up if you've any questions!


  • Smallest cables in the WORLD!
  • Extra space on pedalboard -> Put more pedals!
  • Hand-soldered in Singapore by Solace Cables! Built like a tank
  • Customize to ANY length you need! Available in Steelor Black!

    Using the smallest profile stereo TRS plug in the world SP550, the signal is split into 2 mono plugs. Choose from straight mono plug SPS4 or or right angled mono plug SP400. 


STOP USING SOLDERLESS PATCH CABLES! We can't emphasize this enough.

Look, if you have a guitar that costs $2000, a pedalboard that costs another $1000 and another amp that is $1000, don't let a $10 solderless patch cable ruin the entire signal path!!

In my career as a guitar tech I have seen so many cases of guitarists' instrument going dead silent in the middle of a song/gig, only to discover that the culprit is a solderless patch cable after hours of troubleshooting. Just skip the hassle and get a hand soldered cable today. It's one of those things where you get more value the earlier you get it. Like a good pair of spectacles.

With virtually no overhead costs, we boast some of the best prices on cables in the world, all backed by a lifetime repair/replacement warranty.

All cables are hand soldered by guitar tech Jacob Lai personally.

- SMALLEST profile plugs that fit into anywhere
- LIFETIME warranty
- Hand soldered and abuse-tested before shipping out
- $4.50 shipping fee for orders <$100, free shipping for orders >$100

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