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Solace Cables SILENT Signature Series

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  • The same ol' Solace Cables, with the Silent Plug upgrade.

    Silent plugs allow you to unplug the cable from your instrument without lowering the volume at all. There will be no buzzing noise or feedback.

    Solace Cables are exactly what its name suggests - To give you a peace of mind.  

1st Peace: Craftsmanship

All cables are professionally hand soldered by guitar tech Jacob Lai (CY).

Jacob has serviced over 500 guitars to date, in which a considerable portion are high end instruments like Fender Custom Shops and PRS Private Stocks. Jacob's clientele includes many local artistes active in the local music scene such as @Valiantes and Paddy Ong from @M1ldl1fe.

Since the start of 2019, Jacob's wait-list has been increasing exponentially. Nowadays it takes about 4 weeks to get a time slot in his workshop.

Aside from instrument cables, Jacob makes some of the best patch cables in Singapore. He has supplied cables to rewire huge boards for many prominent musicians in the local scene

Check out the reviews on his patch cables on the website!

2nd Peace: Quality

The whole idea here was to create an instrument cable that sounded crystal clear and also incredibly durable so that you'll never need to replace them ever.  

Thus we spent 6 long months sourcing for the best parts all over the world.

From Amphenol plugs to Switchcraft plugs, Belden wires to Mogami wires to Sommer wires -- we've tried them all. Even the solder we eventually chose to use was pitted against other brands first before we finally decided.

We invested a lot of money, time and effort doing A/B tests not just for ourselves but also a small sample group of friends that we know personally who are working as full time professional musicians. 

After months of testing, we finally arrived at this product we endearingly termed Solace Cables. We seek solace in knowing we'll never need to buy another cable to replace this, and we think you can appreciate it too.

3rd Peace: Limited Lifetime Warranty

We are confident that our product will not fail, but wear and tear over time may cause degradation to the cables. Thus for as long as Echoinox is still running as a business, we will replace or repair any Solace Cable that has malfunctioned.

Read the full Warranty Policies HERE

    • LOW CAPACITANCE 20pF/ft CABLE. Brings out the distinct Highs and Lows in your tone
    • Weaved with TECHFLEX outer shielding. Virtually indestructible
    • NEUTRIK GOLD PLUGS. Seamless connection, best connectivity there is.
    • Any plug orientation. We can customize a cable to your need!
    • Made of the best materials all across the world.
    • LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Bring it back anytime it fails. We are the only company in Singapore to offer lifetime warranty on our cables
  • Before the product went live, we've did a small run for a few of our partners. All of them were in awe at the quality and tone of these cables.

You know what, we’re going to let them speak for themselves. Swipe through the pictures or scroll down to read the reviews!


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