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Shin's Music Dumbloid Twin

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The apex of all Dumbloids.

Shin's Music Dumbloid Twin has two channels. Channel 1 is the Dumbloid Special and Channel 2 is the Dumbloid ODS. Turn the pedal on with the DRV footswitch on the right and switch between channels with the footswitch on the left.

Each channel has its set of independent controls - Drive, Accent, Tone, Volume and Rock/Jazz Switch. The versatility is unparalleled. Switch between your clean tone (Channel 1, Special) and your lead tone (Channel 2, ODS) to cut through the mix easily.

Also the one that John Mayer used on his touring board.

Note: This is a custom model that we requested. NOT to be confused with the 'standard' Dumbloid Twins, which has Channel 1 & 2 both based on the Dumbloid Special.

We think it makes more sense to have the ODS as the second channel to achieve a wider spectrum of tones, and we are confident you'll appreciate it too!

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