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Shin's Music Dumbloid Special

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The very first and original Dumbloid was basically this model (Dumbloid Special) without the Rock/Jazz Switch. We found it silly to stock a dumble pedal without the Rock/Jazz switch, so the most basic form of the Dumbloid we have would be this!

Based on the legendary Dumble amplifier, bask in the dynamics of your own playing as this pedal recreates every single fine detail in those expensive amplifiers. Can be used as a Preamp, or cranked for mild overdrive. Retains your amp tone and give you more of what you already have - Attack, dynamics, growl, you name it.

In the “Jazz” position the switch gives an overall “rounder” sound, while the “Rock” position provides a softer characteristic for the mids, especially in overdrive. Works well in the first stage gain as a tone shaper, or last stage gain as a boost/enhancer. Versatility at its finest.

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