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Shin's Music Dumbloid Special with Boost

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Based on the infamously expensive Dumble amplifiers, these Dumbloids replicate the fine details that make the tone so highly coveted.

Simply plug this in and you will immediately feel the gorgeous tone overwhelm you inside out. Literally from the way you pick/attack to the output of your amp, this pedal recreates a real Tube like sound and smooth compression that will accentuate your picking nuances.

The 'Dumbloid 'B'' on the pedal stands for 'Dumbloid Special w Boost'. Due to many players’ requests for an added independent boost circuit, Shin produced the Dumbloid 'B' model which is essentially a Dumbloid Special with a special Boost circuit to match the Dumbloid sound. The boost mode can be engaged with the left footswitch and it is highly useable even as a standalone.

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