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Xotic X Blender

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X-Blender operates in both Series and Parallel modes. Series mode is a simple effects loop, and all of X-Blender's controls are disabled. This mode is true bypass, with no buffering. Parallel mode introduces a buffer into your signal. In this mode, you can use the pedal's Dry/Wet knob to control the mixture of dry signal and affected signal. A 2-band EQ and Volume control tailor your affected signal to taste. A Boost switch provides a +6dB boost. A Phase Invert switch flips your signal's polarity - great for correcting the unwanted side effects that are often created by vintage-type wah or booster devices. Maximize your tone with the Xotic X-Blender pedal!

Xotic X-Blender Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Effects loop pedal that works in series and parallel
  • Feeds your effects with your guitar's direct signal to preserve its tone
  • Series mode is true bypass with no buffering
  • Parallel mode introduces a buffer with advanced controls
  • Dry/Wet, 2-band EQ, and Volume knobs tailor your sound to taste
  • Boost switch provides a +6dB boost
  • Phase Invert switch flips your signal's polarity
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