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Two Notes Captor X SE Special Edition 8 Ohms

New Arrival
Original price $788.00 - Original price $788.00
Original price
$788.00 - $788.00
Current price $788.00
Exactly same functions as the regular white Captor X. Just 2 differences:

1) Dark brown color
2) 10 additional FREE cabinets from the new-for-2023 Anniversary Edition Cabinet Collection when you register your unit

Limited run by Two Notes, we only managed to snag 5 units!

Sporting a limited-run vintage-inspired colorway, alongside an all-new Anniversary Edition DynIR cabinet collection*, Captor X SE represents the culmination of Two notes’ 15-years stint pioneering modern loadbox technology.

“Feature-packed” doesn’t cut it. It’s a compact reactive load box. It’s a tube amp attenuator. It’s a mic-ed cab simulator. It’s a static IR loader. It’s a stereo expander. It’s packed with a raft of studio-grade Post FX to tweak your tone to perfection.

Expertly engineered to deliver stand-out sonics for home, live and studio use, Captor X SE is the undisputed ‘player’s choice’, empowering you with every tool to define - and redefine - your sonic signature.
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