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Solace Cables Patch Cable DIY Solder Plugs SP400 SP500 SP600 SPS4 SPS5 SPS6M SP550 SPS6 SPS7 SP650

Original price $7.30 - Original price $8.80
Original price
$7.30 - $8.80
Current price $7.30

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Smallest possible plugs in the world!

Save space on your pedalboard by using these phenomenal plugs with your patch cables! Squeezes in any tight space and is sturdy like a rock. 

Works perfectly well for guitar and bass boards, Save space and put more pedals on today!

Highly recommended to use with Mogami W2314 Cables with mono plugs for best quality of tone for electric guitar and basses alike.

For stereo cables, use Mogami W2552 Cables with stereo plugs or Y-cable plugs for the optimal tone and strain relief

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