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Solace Cables DC Power Cables STANDARD

Original price $8.80 - Original price $8.80
Original price
$8.80 - $8.80
Current price $8.80
  • This is the STANDARD DC cable.
  • Same plug size as leading power supply brand's' cables !
  • Small profile plugs -> Squeeze in tight spots -> Put more pedals!
  • Hand-soldered in Singapore by Singapore guitar Tech Jacob Lai
  • Customize to ANY length you need up to 1m!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all Solace Cables!


With the huge selection of gear today, every pedalboard has vastly different cable needs. It doesn't help that off-the-shelf DC power cables usually come in fixed lengths which are often times too long or too short.

To make things worse, there are too many confusing terminologies to learn and buying the wrong cable will literally blow your pedal. In fact, lots of people (even veterans) I know have bought the wrong DC cable to use, thus ultimately blowing their pedals.


And that's where Solace Cables come in. It is our mission to make cable-shopping easy, stress-free and reliable.

Get DC cables at the exact lengths that you need, with the exact plug orientations required, all while saving space on your board thanks to the low-profile plugs. Oh did I also mention that these cables are $8.80 regardless of length?

Our DC cables are machine pressed on one-end and hand-soldered on the other end. All Solace Cables are backed with LIFETIME WARRANTY. Buy once, use forever.

Unsure of which DC cable to get? Simply reach out to us and let us know what pedal you're trying to power and we will advise accordingly!


Qn: Are these cables "9V center negative"?

The short answer is yes if your power supply is center-negative.

The long answer is that power cables have NO polarity on their own. If your power supply is center-negative, the Standard cable will transmit center-negative power. Cables are just a messenger.

If your power supply is center-negative and you use the Reverse Polarity cable, then that cable will transmit center-positive power.

Qn: Are these cables better than after-market ones?

Solace Cables DC Power Cables have the same quality, if not better and more durable than leading power supply brand's cables.

We have unnecessarily swung 20+ loops like a cowboy using these DC cables, with each revolution smashing one end of the cable against our solid Ikea table. The cable still works perfectly. It is also up for sale if you're keen: 9/10 condition, preloved and lightly used, PM for fast deal :)

Qn: Hardware durability aside, aren't all DC cables the same since they don't affect tone?

Biggest misconception. It is true that DC cables do not affect tone, but a DC cable built using cheap wires will likely fail to transmit the full 9V from the power supply to the pedal, thus not powering the pedal properly. This is commonly known as power sag, which will affect the your tone.

Solace DC Power Cables are fully capable of transmitting full voltages from the power supply to the pedal, as shown below using a Strymon Ojai

Qn: Can you make DC cables with Straight - Straight barrel plugs?

Yes we can! We did not include this option because we have never come across anybody asking for straight-straight barrel plug cables nor any pedalboard that needed them. Just drop us an email and we'll get your order sorted out!

Qn: Should I use the machine side or DIY side for my pedal/power supply?

It really doesn't matter. There is no difference which plug you choose use for whichever side. Though in pedalboard setups we usually use the machine sides at the power supply for a neater appearance.


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