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Shin's Music Double Trouble (Dual TS-Style)

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  • Two independent Tubescreamer circuits in one. For that Stevie Ray Vaughan tone

To pursue the SRV-Sound, Green Japanese Style Tubescreamer Overdrive pedals are needed. Most of you probably already knew that SRV uses 2 TS pedals - one sitting on top of his main amp and another on his pedalboard in front of him for the lead solos.

Yes, this was what formed the foundation of his tone in Double. The double trouble pedal allows you to set this up in one pedal unit. It is basically designed to use two drives at the same time.

Channel 1 - Modern Over Drive

Modern 9 series Sound. With much more crisp, slightly higher Gain, Perfect for lead plays with killer tone.

Channel 2 - Vintage Style Over Drive

Vintage 808 series Sound. Slightly lower Gain and rich Mid to Bottom are perfect for Amp Pusher/Booster use. The sound of Fat and shiny Sustain in Clean Tone is exceptional.

The Double Trouble gets you really close to the SRV tone. This is a Drive Pedal that stacks with itself nicely as both channels are based off different models. With Shin's rich experience modifying TS pedals, this pedal really features his expertise magnificently. POINT TO POINT HAND WIRED!

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