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Revv Tilt Boost

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You Won't Want To Turn It Off

  • Take Control Of Your Tone - Powerful, colorful tone sculpting with Tilt control based on Shawn Tubbs’ award-winning Tilt Overdrive
  • Innovative Tilt EQ - Effortlessly control low end, add musical clarity, & get the perfect feel every time
  • Bring Your Rig To Life - Slots directly into your existing setup to improve your workflow
  • Your New ‘Always On’ - Miniature all-analog 9v Tilt Boost w/ new Drive voice made in Canada

Pulled directly from Tilt Overdrive’s Boost circuit, Tilt Boost provides up to 20dB of organic level with an intuitive Tilt EQ control that simultaneously increases treble & decreases bass (or vice versa). This allows you to instantly fine tune your feel & tone, & combined with the strategic frequency choices of the independent 3-position Tight Switch, means you can use one knob to add fidelity, recover body, or maintain exact control of low end build up when adding level for an authentically clean boost without bloat. A new Drive Switch allows you to engage a fat overdriven tone reminiscent of Shawn’s favorite setting on the full-sized Tilt Overdrive. Perfect for putting your solo over the top, or giving you a bolder, brasher always-on voice.

Tilt Boost was explicitly designed for use with any guitar & rig. It is fantastic for “waking up” a backline amp you’re not a huge fan of, or transparently adding organic push to your favorite existing setup. You can use Tilt Boost to quickly account for guitar changes during a set, or into the front of your modeler or interface for some extra analog love. Use it to make solos cut, or musically tighten a brutal high gain tone. The possibilities are only bound by your imagination.

Tilt Boost is the ultimate workflow upgrade & tone enhancer that quickly solves problems to ensure you can focus on the music, always capture the perfect performance, & never have to leave tone on the table. Revv’s Tilt EQ has reached its logical conclusion as the compact tone multitool you’ve been asking for. When it comes to size, maintaining the integrity of your favorite amp sound, & turning knobs - less is absolutely more. Take control of your tone with the clear, organic boost you won’t want to turn off.

  • 20dB of touch-sensitive analog Boost featuring a unique Tilt control
  • Standalone miniature Boost circuit from the award-winning Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive
  • Make your rig high-definition with a sound that always cuts & a feel that showcases the player
  • Tilt Boost controls low end for precision sculpting or an authentically transparent boost
  • Tilt Control simultaneously affects treble & bass to shape the response of notes
  • 3-position Tight Switch modifies low end voicing independent of Tilt knob
  • Make solos cut or leave Tilt Boost always on for sweet clarity & punch
  • Dial your dream tone in seconds with this simple, compact design
  • Suitable for any guitar, amp, & genre
  • Get the right tone every time with the workflow upgrade the pros use
  • Give your favorite setup the final push it needs with a record-ready sound that maintains the clarity of your signal path while taking it to the next level
  • Take control of your tone with a simple, powerful mini pedal that enhances your playing experience
  • Boost & Tilt EQ controls
  • 3-position Tight switch & 2-position Drive switch
  • All-analog design powered by 9v 18mA (center negative external supply only)
  • Top jacks & silent relay switching
  • Charcoal black powder-coated matte metallic finish
  • Dimensions: L- 4.375", W- 2.625", H- 2"
  • Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Made in Canada 2 year limited warranty upon registration
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