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Pedal Power Adapter 9v

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To be honest, the whole power supply stuff is messy and confusing. There are different voltages to take note of and also jargons like Tip-Polarity that you need to be careful about. Plugging in the wrong voltage/tip-polarity supply WILL blow your pedal and transform it into a paperweight forever.

We're going to keep it simple here: All of the power supplies we sell are compatible with almost all pedals! 99% of all pedals made today require 9v center-negative power and that's exactly what this adapter is. Note that there exists a very select few pedals that requires center-positive polarity such as the Eventide H9.

- 9v, 1000mA
- Center-Negative
- Singapore plug (a.k.a UK plug)
- Can be daisy-chained (sold separately)
- Really long wire that reaches wherever you want it to go
- Comes with a Solace Cables Velcro tie to keep your wires neat and tidy


1) Yes it's ok for the power supply's CURRENT to exceed the pedal's requirement. If a pedal is rated 300mA while the power supply is 1000mA (or 1A), it will only take 300mA from the power supply. 

2) If you have a couple of pedals being powered by the same adapter via a daisy chain, make sure the sum of all current does not exceed the power supply's current. For example if the total sum of your pedals is 1100mA and your adapter only supplies 1000mA, your pedals will not be powered properly. You'll hear some tone-suck or volume drop or potentially muddiness. Fortunately, this is not fatal to the pedals in any way.

3) Always use matching voltage. Using a 18v adapter to a pedal that only takes 9v will fry the pedal and the damage is usually irreversible. Your pedal will become nothing more than a paperweight.

4) Always use matching tip polarity. Pedals generally require center-negative power supply. Using a mismatched polarity to power your pedals will fry your pedal.

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