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[Limited Edition] Nobels ODR-1 30th Anniversary Overdrive

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$278.00 - $278.00
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And suddenly everything happens very quickly and completely unexpectedly
– 40 years of the Nobels brand
– 30 years the legendary overdrive ODR-1 has been pleasing the ears.
To celebrate this anniversary, an Anniversary Pedal is now available which reflects the classic sound of the golden Nobels ODR-1 era. For the first time upgraded with a continuously adjustable bass cut pot. Nobels has listened to the wishes of the humbucker players and fulfilled them.

From many old 90s “original” ODR-1 pedals, the best sounding pedal was transplanted into the anniversary model. The search for the holy “original ODR-1 Grail”, at extremely high prices, has surely come to an end.

Limited edition (5000 pieces worldwide) – with numbered special packaging, certificate, Anniversary Pick and sticker.

The first delivery is expected for the beginning of November.

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