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Lambertones Pickup Lamber'Tron Set

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For Gretsch guitars, you have to choose between LT-1 and LT-2.

LT-1: Gretsch Electromatic models, and any other Gretsch model using a "thru-pickup ring" mounting process using (3) screws and springs. (2) of them are on the "top" (low string side), and (1) is on the bottom.

LT-2: Any Gretsch model using pickup rings without any mounting screws. Requiring the mounting screws to go through the pickup cover and mount in to the wood/body of the guitar. (Falcons/Jets/Penguins/Country Gentleman/etc).

Lambertrons LT-1
Lambertrons LT-2
For non-Gretsch guitars, choose from LT-2 or LT-3
LT-2. This baseplate can also be used in any non-Gretsch guitars that still use a wood/body mount. i.e. Fender Cabronita.

LT-3. Pickguard/Adapter ring mount. This option allows you to drop the Lamber'Tron into any thru-pickguard cut with a standard Filter'Tron or TV Jones Filter'Tron shape. This option uses (2) mounting screws and springs that attach to the pickguard itself. In addition, this option allows you to use any standard Filter'Tron or TV Jones Filter'Tron shape adapter rings for a Gibson or Fender equipped humbucker guitar. (actually same as LT-1 but with more holes drilled)
Lambertrons LT-3

Product Copy:

Introducing, “the LAMBER'TRON”. A true vintage-correct size replacement for your "Filter'Tron" sized pickup sets. This set brings balance back to your Gretsch guitars or other "Filter'Tron" equipped axes.

NECK: The neck pickup features a rich texture that doesn't flub out on the lower strings, allowing you to use an aggressive pick attack and have plenty of clarity to cut through any lead line.

BRIDGE: The bridge pickup brings a girth to your lead tone that has been missing from so many other industry standard pups of similar design. The sparkle and sizzle that cuts through virtually any mix are there, but the amplitude across the EQ curve is drastically improved, giving you a palpable 3-dimensional tone that is not overly compressed from the start of your signal chain. 

Finally... a Filter'Tron-style pickup that allows you to use your effects and modelers' capabilities without losing half of your dynamic signal before it even reaches the tuner. Enjoy clarity, articulation, cut, AND dynamics in one tone package.

We've gone back to the drawing board for this pickup set; literally designing our own injection molded bobbins, unique AlNiCo cast magnets, and multiple custom baseplates to cover any installation application, all maintaining the exact vintage dimensions so they drop right in.

Technical Specs
This set features a "3-wire conductor", (+), (-), and an independent ground. This allows you to correct for phase if you decide to combine a Lamber'Tron with another manufacturer's set in the middle position(s). This does not allow for coil-splitting.

Neck Specs: 3.55k DCR, AlNiCo IV

Bridge Specs: 4.35k DCR, AlNiCo VIII

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