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Jackson Audio Large Mouse Analog Plugin (For Asabi)

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This product is an analog plugin for Jackson Audio Asabi Mateus Asato Signature


The most groundbreaking feature of the ASABI, is that we developed the technology to create true analog distortion plug-ins! These plug-ins allow you to completely change the distortion circuit in the ASABI without having to buy a completely new pedal! These are not software updates that load a different preset; they are completely analog circuit boards that contain all the opamps, transistors, diodes, resistors and capacitors that make up a distortion pedal!

The ASABI comes preloaded with the MODERN HIGH GAIN plug-in. This plug-in harnesses the power and gain of the legandary JCM800 amplifier and puts it into pedal form! Depending on where the GAIN knob is set, the MODERN HIGH GAIN plug-in will do everything from classic rock to the heaviest rock known to man!

Because we all like to try out new pedals, these affordable plug-ins allow you to buy the pedal once and update it with new modules all the time!

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