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Hipshot Telecaster® Retrofit Bridge 3 HOLE COMPENSATED SADDLES STAINLESS

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Looking to switch up the tone of your Telecaster®? We've got you covered. Regardless of your guitar's mount style, we let you choose between vintage, compensated style saddles or 6 individual stainless steel saddles.
  • Laser cut stainless steel bridge is non-magnetic for more transparent tone in the bridge pickup position.
  • Bender ready and compensated models offer string thru holes in the back plate of the bridge so you can string through the body or the bridge.
  • Compensated saddle bridge is automatically compatible with the Parsons/Green, Doubleshot, Hipshot String Bender or behind the bridge tremolos. 6 Saddle bridge can be made for compatibility with these systems by selecting "Bender Ready".
  • 4 hole option retrofits vintage Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 4 mounting holes.
  • 3 hole option retrofits modern Telecaster* mounting pattern utilizing 3 mounting holes.
  • Stainless steel mounting screws included.
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