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Hipshot Guitar Locking Tuners (6 Inline Headstocks)

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Give your guitar a killer look and improve your tuning stability at the same time with the Hipshot® Tuner Upgrade Kit for 6 Inline headstocks. Whether you want the extra security of Grip-Lock™ tuners or the buttoned-up aesthetic of classic machines, the UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) allows you to upgrade with no drilling or special tools. Plus, reverting back can be done with no evidence you ever upgraded.


  • Standard tuners retrofit guitars with 13/32" [10mm] or 11/32" [8.5mm] headstock holes
  • Included UMP™ (Universal Mount Plate) for 6 Inline headstocks fits guitars with 6 tuners on a side. No drilling or special tools required
  • Enclosed tuners come with Hex buttons by default.
  • 15:1 tuning ratio for quick adjustment
  • Staggered post option gives each string the ideal break angle over the nut
  • Grip-Lock™ option uses a pin and thumb wheel system to clamp onto your string, no wraps needed
  • String post hole fits strings up to .060"
  • Patented in the USA and internationally
  • Made in Korea


1) How to select the right options?
Headstock Tuner Size:
All guitars have either 8.5mm (vintage spec) or 10mm (modern spec) headstock tuner holes. Check the back of your headstock. If each of your current tuners is held by two screws (each adjacent tuner shares a screw), you'll need the 8.5mm. Otherwise, 10mm. There's a picture in the gallery that explains this.

Color: Scroll through the pictures to find your desired color. There is a picture of Chrome vs Nickel too, as we get a lot of enquiries on their differences. Nickel has a more industrial and rugged but still polished look while Chrome is shiny as can be. There's no right or wrong here, but you should probably get the color that matches the rest of your guitar's hardware.

Pole Height: 'Staggered' means the tuner poles (where you wind the strings) decreases in heights from the thickest E string (21mm) to the thinnest e string (19mm). Legends claim that staggered tuners give more tuning stability, but in my career as a guitar tech, I will assure you it's none more than a visual aesthetic

2) Would I be able to replace them myself?
A solid yes if you have the right tools! Instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Alternatively you can bring your guitar over to our shop for a quick installation (fees apply).

Note: If you have the 8.5mm tuners, it is likely that there's a bushing within the headstock hole that needs to be removed before installation. A luthier tool is recommended for its safe removal.

3) When should I change my tuners?
The most telltale sign is when your guitar slips out of tune too often. There are many possible causes for tuning instability but you'll be surprised that a good chunk of such cases are due to worn out tuners.

4) What is the difference between locking tuners and regular tuners?
Locking tuners have a mechanism that clamps the string tight. It also allows you to restring quicker as you won't have to wind as much as a regular tuner. Locking tuners are naturally an impressive upgrade from regular tuners. All Hipshot tuners in store are locking tuners.

5) I've installed the tuners on my guitar, but I didn't use the screw provided
Neither did we. The screw is not necessary in installation at all. It was included to give you an alternative option for installation in case that's what you preferred.

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