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Ceriatone Overtone Lunchbox OTS Mini 20W Amp/Combo

Original price $1,488.00 - Original price $2,138.00
Original price
$1,488.00 - $2,138.00
Current price $1,488.00

(Ceriatone's Dumble Amp mod)

To meet the needs of even more players, we asked ourselves if it was possible to maintain the handsome tone of our OTS amplifiers, marry it with a smaller power section, put it in a small package, and then make it even more affordable to our customers.

After a few years of experimentation, the answer is “hell yes”.

Instead of simply grafting a lower output power amp to one of our current OTS preamp topologies, we started from scratch.  Conversely, it was important to us to maintain true to the OTS series, and what we found worked best is not seen in any of our other amplifiers.

The clean tones are as sweet as any of the OTS series, but the overdrive has more bark and bite to it.  Fear not, fusion noodlers because you can do that too.  But if you want to rock, you will love this amp.  Don’t expect it to sound like our Plexi or Yeti, because it’s not.  But if you’ve wondered what the baby of an OTS, old Tweed Deluxe, and a JTM50 might be…the OTS Lunchbox is pretty close!

As with all Ceriatone amplifiers, we’ve obsessed over component selection, and it uses our specially designed, custom transformers for superior reliability, frequency response, and feel.

Head Dimension : 15.75 x 9.35 x 10 inches / Actual Weight: 14 kg

Combo 1x12 Dimension : 18.35 x 10.35 x 21.5 inches / Actual Weight Sans Speaker: 19kg

Power Output 20 Watt
Feature Overview
  • Input Push-Pull Bright switch
  • Mid-Boost, and Rock/Jazz toggle switches
  • Treble, Middle, Bass equalization (shared between channels)
  • Overdrive channel with Level and Ratio controls
  • Master volume and power amplifier Presence controls
  • Footswitch (Channel and Preamp Boost)
  • Rear panel OD Trim (fine tunes response of overdrive channel)
  • Passive effects loop
  • Tubes
  • Power : 2 x 6V6
  • Preamp : 3 x 12AX7/ECC83
  • Rectifier : Solid State


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