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Browne Amps Carbon X Dual Overdrive (Bluesbreaker)

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The Carbon X Dual Overdrive. A Dual Carbon Overdrive with a 3 way hi-cut switch on one side, soft-switching, adjustable startup state, and internal switch for use with a looper.

Imagine the fusion of two blue sides, the classic Carbon sound elevated to new heights. Inspired by David Ryan Harris (DRH)'s request, they didn't stop at stacking two Carbons – they endeavored to make it even better. Stripping the right side of some of its sheen and headroom, they unleashed its grittier, raw essence and added a touch of sag, letting it unleash its barbaric yawp into the world of tonal richness.

But that's not all. To perfect the art of stacking and gaining it up, they introduced a high cut to the left side, taming the top end with surgical precision. The result is a pedal that not only embraces the bluesbreaker spirit but enhances it, giving you unparalleled control over your sound.

Browne Amps has sent several prototypes to DRH, editing and finalizing and the response is nothing short of love! 

Now, it's your turn to experience the sonic revolution. We hope you fall in love with the Carbon X just as much as we have. It's time to go play some guitar and let the Carbon X unlock a world of expressive possibilities for your music. Elevate your sound, embrace the grit, and let the Carbon X be your partner in musical exploration.

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