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Alembic Blaster

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As seen on John Mayer's Silver Sky Prototype. This clean boost circuit adds increased volume and output to your sound without compromising on tone.

This leads to a stronger push in the drives that follows, since the guitar is always the first in chain, even before your first pedal

If you've been checking out the gear of your favorite guitarists, you've probably run across references to the Alembic Blaster (or by its previous name, the Strat-o-Blaster).

Once installed, you operate the Blaster with a switch. When the Blaster is on, you get all the benefits of the field-effect transistor preamp like increased output and the ability to use the volume control on your guitar without it affecting the tone. Turn the Blaster off, and your guitar sounds exactly like it did originally. Located between the switch and the jack, a small screwdriver adjustable trim pot sets the gain.

The Blaster replaces the original jack and plate on your guitar and installation is easy. We provide wire nuts, so you don't even need a soldering iron. Instructions are included.

Blaster Features include:

  • Gain adjustable clean boost from 3-14dB
  • Push your drives harder
  • More overtones, more grit, more harmonics
  • Isolates capacitance of cable
  • Frequency response of guitar not affected by volume
  • Very low battery drain (~100µA)
  • Battery life ~10 months
  • Solid brass mounting plate
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