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3M Dual Lock Velcro

New Arrival
Original price $13.80 - Original price $138.00
Original price
$13.80 - $138.00
Current price $13.80
We only ever use the 3M Dual Lock velcro in the shop, for ALL pedalboard set ups.
Never failed on us, never gave us any problems at all.
Give this upgrade a go. You simply can't stop at one!

- Ultra strong quality (a 10cm strip can hold 10kg of weight)
- Quick and easy to apply
- No frills and fuss-free. No need to keep track of 'hook & loop' sides
- We offer the BEST PRICE for dual locks in Singapore.
- Fast next day ship out

WIDTH: 1 INCH / 2.54CM

Product Copy:
3M Dual Lock is a unique recloseable fastener with high performance VHB tape for mounting. It features strong, interlocking mushroom-shaped heads that slide past each other and snap with high tensile strength, but then can be reopened, making it perfect for attaching removable access panels, architectural panels, various vehicle components, portable devices like highway transponders or mobile cameras, as well as panels for signs, exhibits and displays. The audible snap gives the installer or assembly worker the confidence to know that the part has been securely attached.
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