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Xotic RC Booster Classic

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A stompbox standby for over two decades, the Xotic RC Booster Classic harkens back to the model’s early years with a straight-ahead design and +20dB of clean, clean boost. The RC Booster has long been a favorite at Sweetwater for its ability to drive an amp, beef up a low-output pickup, or slam the front end of an overdrive pedal without altering your base tone in the slightest. It’s truly one of the most transparent boosts out there. However, if you’d rather take hands-on control of your tone, a ±15dB 2-band EQ offers serious sound-sculpting possibilities. Finish it off with headroom-enhancing 18V operation, and the Xotic RC Booster is a must-have clean boost that you’ll rarely (if ever) be tempted to turn off.

Xotic RC Booster Classic Clean Boost Pedal Features:

  • Top-class clean boost pedal inspired by the RC Booster’s early era
  • Provides +20dB of pure, transparent clean boost to drive your amp, heat up your pickups, or saturate your favorite dirtbox
  • ±15dB 2-band EQ provides plenty of tone-sculpting power
  • Built to last, with a robust metal chassis and premium components
  • Accepts standard 9V pedal power, but provides significantly enhanced headroom with 18V
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