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Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings

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1) We highly encourage you to confirm the availability of the product(s) if you urgently need it. Strings come and go like bread, though we do stock up plenty bi-monthly!


The Best There Is

Enhance your acoustic guitar playing experience when you gear up with the award winning Elixir Strings! Often voted by guitarists for the #1 Player's Choice award, Elixir strings can revolutionize your playing style for the better!

Noted for their patented fluoropolymer coating, Elixir strings last 2-3 times longer than normal strings do, without sacrificing the tonality of your instrument! The coating acts as a physical barrier between the string and the environment, thus preventing dirt and debris from being accumulated between the windings over time.

Elixir is also the only known brand to coat the entire string, protecting not only the windings of the strings but the gaps between windings as well.


Hot from the Factory

Rest assured that Echoinox will always provide the freshest packs of strings to our customers.

We make it a point to replenish our stock regularly and avoid holding on to them for long periods of time. Strings kept for too long will simply get oxidized due to the humid weather in Singapore (sigh eternal summer). This is also why we only stock up reasonably on the more popular strings.

Hit us up if you can't find the gauge/type you're looking for!



Need help choosing which type and gauge of strings to suit your playing?

Check out the article here!


Elixir Strings Tone & Feel Conmparison

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