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Source Audio Nemesis Delay ADT

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The Nemesis Delay ADT is a versatile stereo delay pedal with an analog dry through signal path, full MIDI capabilities, and 26 unique delay effects ranging from vintage tape and analog delays to highly advanced pitch-shifting, reverse, filtered, and rhythmic delays. It is compatible with the Neuro Desktop Editor and Mobile App., Source Audio’s free effects editing software collectively known as Neuro. Neuro invites users to create, publish, and share highly customized presets with an expanded collection of adjustable parameters, additional delay effects, and advanced features.

The Nemesis Delay ADT is an updated version of Source Audio’s award-winning Nemesis Delay. The Nemesis ADT has all the tones and features that made the original Nemesis so popular and includes some key updates including an analog dry through signal path. Analog dry through means that the guitar’s dry signal maintains a 100% pure and unprocessed analog signal adding only the delay you choose. Other new features include enhanced MIDI functionality, 100 factory loaded presets, and an updated collection of delay effects easily accessible with the pedal’s intuitive interface. The updated Nemesis is also compatible with over 1,000 Neuro user presets created for the original Nemesis Delay.

Nemesis captures the full spectrum of delay effects, starting with a comprehensive collection of finely engineered vintage delay tones that perfectly capture every nuance and idiosyncrasy of the classic delay units on which they were based. The Nemesis Delay’s “Tape,” “Noise Tape,” and “Slapback” delays capture all the warmth, and color that give vintage tape delay machines like the Maestro Echoplex™ and Roland Space Echo™ their classic charm. The “Drum Echo” seizes the magic of a Binson Echorec rotating drum unit, known for its multiple playback heads and rhythmic delay patterns. The “Oil Can” effect delivers the sound of a 1950’s Tel-Ray Electronics Sound Chamber, an oil can delay famous for haunting and reverberant echoes with a touch of vibrato. The “Analog” and “Resonant Analog” delays beautifully achieve the resonant peaks combined with high and low frequency decay that typifies classic bucket brigade delay pedals. The Nemesis’ “Digital” delay turns-out pristine, high-definition repeats with or without filtering effects for a classic rack-system tone. 

At the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find a unique collection of experimental and contemporary delay effects. The “Shifter” effect generates polyphonic pitch shifting repeats at an octave (up or down), major or minor third, 4th, and 5th. The “Reverse” effect turns the delay around and journeys into the land of vintage psychedelia. “Helix” also reverses the delay trails then pitches them up an octave for soring angelic tones. 

Additional Nemesis Delay ADT features include stereo ins & outs, full MIDI functionality with 5-pin MIDI DIN and through ports, tap tempo with 15 different beat divisions, 8 onboard presets (128 with MIDI), bypass trails, external expression control, and a delay “freeze” function engaged by holding down the footswitch. 

Neuro offers Nemesis ADT owners a second and far deeper set of delay effects, adjustable parameters, and features to craft highly customized delay effects. It is free for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Additional parameters found in Neuro include Diffusion, Distortion, Wow and Flutter, Advanced Filtering, Sample Rate Reduction,12 different Tap Tempo Beat Divisions, Polyphonic Pitch Shifting and much more. Neuro’s complete collection of delay effects includes “Sweeper” (a modulated filter delay), “Degrade” (with sample rate reduction), “Sequenced Filters,” “Warped Record,” “Chorus,” and more. Customized presets can be published to the cloud and made accessible to the entire Neuro Community. To date there are well over 8K published presets available for One Series pedals in Neuro.

Nemesis Delay ADT is available now at your favorite Source Audio dealer. For more info and a list of authorized dealers visit or call Source Audio directly at 781.932.8080 (ext. 206). Please do not publicly post any of this information until the scheduled release date of Tuesday November 7, 2023 (12pm ET).

Nemesis Delay ADT Features and Specs:

  • 26 Delay Engines— Nemesis features 12 onboard delay engines accessible via the center selector knob, plus an additional 14 delays via the Neuro App (available for iOS, Android, Mac and PC).
  • Analog Dry Through Signal Path – When engaged the instrument’s dry signal remains completely unprocessed, maintaining a 100% pure analog signal path that runs alongside the delay effect.
  • Expert-Level Editing available via the Neuro App.— Adjust additional parameters, save and share personal presets, and download bonus delay engines with Neuro.
  • 128 Presets— Save up to eight presets accessible via the onboard controls or save up to 128 presets recallable with MIDI program change (PC) messages.
  • 100 Factory Loaded Presets – The pedal comes pre-loaded with 100 factory and user created delay presets meticulously curated by the Source Audio team.
  • Stereo Input and Output Jacks— Create dramatic stereo ping-pong delays, stereo phase inversion, or set up an external effects loops, pre or post delay.
  • Tap Tempo— Tap in the delay time with the onboard tap tempo switch. Beat divisions include quarter notes, dotted eighth, and triplets (15 different beat divisions available in the Neuro Editor)
  • Hold (a.k.a. “Freeze”) Control— Use the tap tempo switch to freeze a small portion of the delay in a continuous loop.
  • Complete MIDI Functionality— Send MIDI program change (PC), continuous controller (CC), or MIDI clock messages via the 5-pin MIDI DIN Input (also includes a MIDI Thru jack) or the USB port.
  • Universal Bypass— Select either analog buffered or relay based true bypass.
  • Expression Control— Assign expression control to any combination of knobs and program the depth and direction of each. Compatible with Source Audio’s Dual Expression pedal and 3rd party 1/4” TRS (tip hot) expression pedals.
  • External Switching Capabilities— Change delay presets with an external 1/4” TRS (tip hot) footswitch.
  • Includes 9V DC power supply (300mA / Negative Tip) / 1/8” to ¼” cable for Neuro Mobile App connection / USB Type A to mini-Type B cable for Neuro desktop connection.
  • USB port – Connects to Mac or Windows PC for Neuro Editors, firmware updates, and MIDI control.
  • Power Consumption – 200mA
  • Brushed anodized aluminum housing.
  • Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2 in./5.1cm (including knobs).
  • Weight: 1 lb./0.45 kg.
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