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Source Audio MIDI Adapter

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The Source Audio MIDI Adapter provides full MIDI functionality to all single-footswitch One Series pedals including the C4 Synth, Aftershock Bass Distortion, Atlas Compressor, and Spectrum Intelligent Filter. The MIDI Adaptor is a compact, bus-powered, intelligent adapter compatible with any standard MIDI Controller with a 5-pin MIDI DIN output. Use MIDI program change (PC) messages to switch presets and MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages to quickly change parameter settings or move parameters on-the-fly with an expression pedal. Use MIDI clock messages to set LFO modulation and sequencer rates.

The Source Audio Demo Tutorial

Learn how to make the proper connections, scroll through presets, make on-the-fly parameter changes, and map MIDI CC messages  in this detailed demonstration videos for the Source Audio MIDI Adapter.

Neuro Desktop Editor

By default, all Source Audio pedals are set to MIDI Channel 1 and respond to MIDI program change (PC) messages for preset switching, but there is a world of MIDI control possibilities waiting for you in the Neuro Desktop Editor. The Neuro Desktop Editor is a free download and available for Mac and Windows systems through our Downloads page. Inside Neuro you will find the tools to change MIDI channels, save pedal presets, assign MIDI continuous controller (CC) messages to specific parameters, and set up MIDI clock. Take control of your music with the full power of MIDI.

Additional Features and Specifications

The MIDI Adapter provides full MIDI capabilities to all non-legacy Source Audio pedals 
  • Connects MIDI devices (DIN or TRS) to Source Audio Pedal
  • ​​​​Includes 1 TRRS cable - connects adapter to pedal's Control Input
  • Includes 1 DIN to TRS cable - connects MIDI DIN to TRS MIDI Input
  • No power required - self-powers from the Control Input jack
  • Works with all Source Audio One Series pedals​​​​​
  • Use the MIDI THRU jack to pass messages to another MIDI Adapter and Source Audio pedal
  • ​Make MIDI mapping adjustments with the Neuro Desktop Editor
  • Note: On earlier One Series releases like the Vertigo Tremolo, Aftershock Bass Distortion, and Gemini Chorus, the MIDI Adapter provides access to effects stored in each pedal's six toggle switch positions with MIDI PC messages. More recently released pedals like the C4 Synth, Atlas Compressor, Ultrawave and Ultrawave Bass Multiband Processor, and Spectrum Intelligent Filters store as many as 128 presets that are accessible with MIDI PC messages when paired with the SA168 MIDI Adapter.
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