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Ceriatone Hot Rodded Plexi Son Of Yeti 20W Amp/Combo

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$1,248.00 - $1,898.00
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(Unofficially a clone of Soldano SLO, much like EVH 5150)

NOTE: Combo does not come with speakers. Add to cart a speaker separately and we’ll install it for you for FREE. Reach out for more info.

At the request of many players, we decided to try if we could combine the tones of our Hot Rodded Plexi series with a lower output section and smaller footprint. It took a great deal of experimentation, but the Son of Yeti rocks (and much more).

We started by adjusting the preamp of the Yeti and worked at combining it with a lower powered output tube.  6V6s yielded the best tone AND were most versatile, so we felt like we had a real winner.  The Son of Yeti has the tone and versatility of its big brothers, but with a sweeter and perhaps more vintage-feeling power section.   Don’t sleep on the Son for amazing blues rock tones!

Like other Ceriatone amps, we have labored carefully to select the finest components to suit the design, and the Son of Yeti uses our specially designed, custom transformers for superior reliability, frequency response, and feel.

Head Dimension : 15.75 x 9.35 x 10 inches / Actual Weight: 13kg


Power Output 20 Watt
Feature Overview
  • Cascading gain stage design with individual Gain controls
  • 3-way Bright switch on each Gain 1 and Gain 2 controls
  • Feel switch adjusts attack and low contour
  • Era 3-way switch provides progressive levels of clipping and distortion
  • Rear-panel Pussy TrimmerTM allows the player to fine tune compression and saturation
  • Presence and Deep controls adjust the high- and low-frequency content of the power section
  • Passive effects loop
  • Tubes
  • Power: 2 x 6V6
  • Preamp:  3 x 12AX7/ECC83
  • Rectifier:  Solid State
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