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Echoinox loyalty program echo tokens rewards purchase

Echoinox's Exclusive Customer Loyalty and Savings Program: Echo Tokens

Echoinox Loyalty Program Echo Tokens

So I've been receiving multiple queries on what "Echo Tokens" are and many other questions like how to redeem them or how to earn them.

Thus today's topic, "Echo Tokens".

1) Echo Tokens are "points" automatically accumulated after each purchase!

However, you need to ensure that you are logged in at before you checkout. In the event that you checkout as a guest (or for offline purchases), simply drop us an email ( attached with the receipt/invoice of your purchase and the email address linked to your account. Our team will credit in Echo Tokens accordingly within 3 working days.

2) Echo Tokens (ET) are awarded in the ratio $1->1 ET.

So a $18 purchase will get 18 ET while a $352 purchase will get 352 ET. Simple!

3) Trade ET for discount codes.

Unlike most reward systems which force customers to earn, say 500 points first before they can exchange for a $5 discount, Echoinox gives you FULL control over how much you wish to exchange for a discount code! You won't find a scheme like this elsewhere in Singapore. Every 100 ET is worth $1 off your purchase!

NOTE: You cannot use ETs for products in "Accessories"

4) New accounts are awarded 200 ET!

While promotion last! Sign up now!

5) "Alright I'm sold. So how do I exchange ET for the discount code?"

Pictures speak a thousand words:

Echo Tokens Instructions

Echo Tokens Instructions

Echo Tokens Instructions

Echo Tokens Instructions

Echo Tokens Instructions

Echo Tokens Instructions

And that's all about Echo Tokens! More deals and rewards will be coming up in the near future, and offers such as double triple echo tokens promotions awaits. Start accumulating Echo Tokens today for a big bargain off your next pedal haul. (Note that "accessories" are not entitled to Echo Token Discounts"

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