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[USED] Morningstar MC3 Midi Controller

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Cosmetics Condition: 9/10 (no dents or damage to pedal, no visible buffs or scratches)

Functionality: 10/10 working perfectly

Original Box: With box and original case candies

This is a consignment piece, but in stock and ready to ship from our shop. 


Morningstar MC3 MIDI Controller

Everything you love about Morningstar MIDI controllers, distilled into a pint-sized package, and more. The MC3 is a fully-featured MIDI controller that fits on even the smallest of pedalboards. While size has been drastically reduced, no compromises were made in its design. In addition to its 5-pin MIDI output, the MC3 boasts four 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS MIDI outputs, the first-ever on a dedicated MIDI controller.


  • Fully Programmable - 30 dual-paged banks with 3 switches, Quickly access 6 presets per bank simply by toggling
  • 4 TRS MIDI outputs - Independent 3.5mm (1/8 inch) TRS MIDI outputs to control more devices
  • Omniport - 1/4 inch TRS MIDI Out, Aux Switch Input or Expression Pedal Input
  • USB Class Compliant - Drivers not required, with MIDI over USB, control your DAWs and software like Ableton Live and Logic Pro
  • Easy Editing - Easily program the MC3 on the device itself, or with the Morningstar MIDI Editor, Programming the MC3 has never been easier
  • Extremely Compact - Allows for easy integration into pedalboards and rigs, 122mm x 72mm x 48mm
  • Action-Based Control: Press, Double Tap, Long Press, Release, Double Tap Release, Long Press Release
  • Midi Message: 16 different MIDI messages through 16 different MIDI channels.
  • Connectivity: 4 TRS MIDI Output, Omniport (EXP 1), USB, 9VDC In, 5-Pin MIDI Out