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[USED] Original Klon Centaur 2000s Silver Non-Horsie

Original price $5,888.00 - Original price $5,888.00
Original price
$5,888.00 - $5,888.00
Current price $5,888.00


This pedal needs no introduction. Original Klon Centaur that still roars as it first left the box. Maxed the volume and gain and it made my room vibrate.

Comes with only the pedal. Backplate has some remnants of adhesive from velcro applied previously.

Pots date back to 2002. Excellent condition for a 20 year old pedal, minimal scuffles on the surface. Last 2 digits of serial number blurred to protect the identity of our seller. Interested buyers can ask for full pic with unblurred serial number.

Our shop's return and warranty policy applies to this purchase. You are protected on this high purchase collector's item.

Shoot us your best offer.